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HR 218, LEOSA Qualification class:This course is for retired law enforcement officers wishing to become qualified under the provisions of HR 218. This is a range-based class that will include a review of the state mandated curriculum and the live-fire qualification course. You will be required to provide your own firearm and ammunition (50 rounds minimum). Upon successful completion of the course you will receive your LEOSA qualification certificate good for one year.

NOTE: You must comply with the requirements of 501 CMR 13.00 regarding Identification cards. Please call or email for details.

Group (15 person maximum): $50/person

Class participants will be required to bring their own firearm with appropriate strong side holster. (NO SHOULDER HOLSTERS) You will need a minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition. Target ammunition is acceptable. You may also want to bring addition magazines or speedloaders to save time on the range.  

Each participant will need to demonstrate proficiency in basic handgun nomenclature and safe gun handling skills. This will include loading and unloading with dummy ammunition and some dry-fire exercises.  

Andy teaching a MA basic firearms safety class for LTC

The qualification course is 50 rounds fired from 15-3 yards at the standard "Q" target. The course is very similar to the old MPTC qualification course. All rounds are fired from the standing position.  

For QUALIFIED retired officers not from Massachusetts be sure to have your retired officer ID from your agency and your MA LTC-A.